Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Walk of Life


 Designers are a breed of their own, constantly seeing the detail in daily objects. Just as shoes are practical for daily life, so is design.  Design for me is practical and sleek yet comfortable and fitting to the person surrounding it.  There is a style for every situation, changing through the years to fit the public's need.  Shoes can take you anywhere you want to go and are appreciated by everyone.  They are personal, revealing where you've been in life. Design should also be personal and eclectic, showing the most important moments in life. Shoes are nationally worn in every country by many people. They mean protection and travel, sports and fun.  For others, shoes would mean having a better life.  Shoes allow athletes to succeed and kids to walk two miles down the road to get water for their village.  Shoes are essential for walking in life; design is a walk of life.

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  1. Excellent work! You described your love for design and the shoes in such a passionate way.Keep up the great work! =)