Sunday, February 26, 2012

Light Box Project

  When starting the light box project, we were given the specifications that it had to be a completely white 6X6X18 box.  I took one of my first inspiration pictures and tried to recreate the sun rays shining down from the cloud. To build the box, I created the 6X6X18 box but left off the top where I put two strips of velum on top with a 1/4 in. space in between.  When shining a light through the crack, many beams of light bounce off the end of the box and create a stream of light throughout the space. 

                                                                Final Project:

When exploring further, I realized my original project was plain and I liked all three of my inspiration pictures, so I tried to create a box that captured all three in a more abstract way. I did not want to make another "typical" 6X6X18 box so I divided it up into 3 6X6X6 cubes and took each one separately to create one of the three pictures.  After many hours of making sketch models and playing with light sources, I found a configuration that worked well together where not only did I have three distinct lights in each box, but together they worked together to create one complex scene.  The first box has a fading, soft shadow from the edges of the box that penetrates from the left back corner much like the first picture of shadows.  The middle box illustrates the rays of sunlight by the top grid shining down and the last box exemplifies the third picture of the sun and clouds by allowing only a circle of light into the dark back wall.

The shadows within each box create repetition as well.  The first box has a shadow caste in the far left corner outwards showing part of the boundary of the box, gradating from dark to light.  The second box has a repetition of lines also gradating from medium light to dark light while the back box is completely covered in shadow. Overall, it was an interesting project with much exploration and creating different designs.

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