Tuesday, March 27, 2012

BP 10 American Flag : Revolutionary; extrodinary

 The American Flag: Revolutionary physically and metaphorically

The American flag is not only a symbol of our nation and held at the highest respect, it represents the history of our country as the United States and signifies what America stands for.  Its underlying symbolization is dignity, freedom and honor for our country. It was physically created after the Revolutionary War when American split from England permanently in 1777.  This was the first attempt at establishing our independence as a country and solidifying our nation as a whole; a revolutionary milestone for the colonists. 

The first American Flag: 13 stars represent the first 13 American Colonies. The red stripes mean hardiness and valor while the white signifies pureness and innocence. The blue background for the stars was the color of the Chief.  Together, these patriotic colors represent the backbone of America and while we were created as a separate union from England in the first place.  The circular shape of the stars allowed every colony to be represented equally and fairly, while still creating a balanced composition.  As colonies and states joined together, the circle became bigger and bigger until it could not expand any longer.  Then, the stars took the form of rows as this was also a balanced and proportional representation of each state. 

 The modern American Flag: 50 stars represent the fifty states while the 13 red and white stripes represent the original 13 colonies. The rows of the stars and rows of the red and white stripes compliment each other as your eyes move across the flag.  The white and red colors compliment each other as well as the blue and red because they are close in complimentary colors.

Looking back on the history of America, the flag marks the end of the revolution and the "revolutionary" separation from England as America became a country of its own.  The flag provided an actual visual representation as American became the United States when the 13 colonies came together as one.  The history is continued through the flag as stars were added to represent the states emerging and combining for one cause. Our flag unites us as one and will forever carry the freedom of our nation.


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