Sunday, March 18, 2012

BP 8: Design as a language: The Petty Building

Petty Building

The Petty building off of College Avenue has a very distinct language.  Because of the external columns, brick facade and symmetrical layout, the building itself gives off a very professional, educational vibe.  The grand bridge leading towards the entrance also adds to the formality of the building, denoting that it is a place of academic study.  The same layout exists on the interior as the exterior.  Each classroom is set up with rows of desks and chairs with an isle in between, speaking to the horizontal window rows outside. Also, the colors are transitional as the floors are an antique white color as are the walls as well.  The staggered, repetitive details does not give off the feeling of warm and inviting but one of rigid academic courses.  The staggered, repetitive details follow inside with continuity in the signs, door openings, chairs, and desks.  In speaking with the campus at large, it is the only building with a grand bridge entrance leading to it and one of the biggest buildings on campus.  It is also located on college avenue, the central axis of campus. Because of these three distinct characteristics that set it apart from all other buildings on campus, it shows its importance in the educational system at UNCG.  Petty is primarily used as a science and math building which are two important, fundamental subjects taught and also have formal, rigid coursework involved with them.  Although there are many educational buildings on campus the Petty building in particular speaks a language of its own in terms of architectural detail and what is translated from the exterior to the interior space.

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