Wednesday, April 4, 2012

BP 12 : Casa Mila

Casa Mila: "Good Design For All"

Casa Mila is a great example of "good design for all" because it not only encompasses the notion of commodity, firmness and delight but it also is one of the first examples of a mix use of art and architecture to create an interesting building.  Casa Mila was designed by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona, Spain during the Art Nouveau time period.  Just looking at the roof line is one example of how art and architecture come together, which is exactly what the art nouveau time period was about.  The line is curvy instead of the traditional straight roof line and the windows and balconies follow suite.  The entire building is created by using a mixture of organic forms, molded and cut out of concrete material.  Each form or line is accentuated by stained glass, tile and other materials to compliment the artistic elements. This adds the firmness or structural element needed to hold the building up because it was designed as a multifamily use space, also bringing in the commodity or function of the space.  Delight is seen inside and out from the continuous lines on the exterior to the incredibly detailed furniture and accessories on the interior.  The idea behind this building is one of "skins and bones", vividly expressed through each detail.  The interior carries the theme of the arches on the outside there are distinct architectural columns and arches on the inside.  The top is also a place that expresses art because there are different statues and sculptures on the rooftop, adding to the art nouveau style. Overall, this is a one of a kind piece of designed work that could never be recreated nor redesigned and emphasizes what art Nouveau is about.  It satisfies firmness, commodity and delight and exceeds anything of its time. 

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