Monday, April 16, 2012

BP 13 : Modern

Classical Clock Gone Modern

This type of clock is an example of a modern item because of its use of shape and color. All of the shapes that make up this product are derived classical shapes : circle, straight line, stack and "groves" made with the repetition from the numbers. The overall design is modern because it does not have the actual numbers, as the numbers are represented by the number of spheres and simplicity of the design but again, it goes back to the classical shapes.  The clock looks almost robotic with the color and attachment of each element because each element is separated and only attached by "sticking" them to each other.  They look like mechanical parts instead of a though-out design.  It is a new innovation in terms of the function of a clock as more of an art piece instead of a practical system that is easy to read. Looking back into history however, this arrangement resembles stone henge with the circular shapes around the outside and a central point as a shadow is castes it tell the time.

Source: Google Images

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