Friday, April 27, 2012

BP 14


Object : Iphone An Iphone represents the functional, innovative side of my design sensibility.  Although I tend to lean towards more contemporary or historically significant design, an Iphone represents our modern generation and and the idea of "many things in one" concept.  They have replaced landlines telephones in many homes, stationed computers, and music players because they are all built into this one item.  Iphones are modern and sleek and with just the touch of a finger can take you anywhere you want to go via the web, text messaging, map quest and other applications.  They keep people connected to the world and each other as well as keep people  up to date on current events which are two other design ascetics I enjoy about this phone and design in general.


Space : Vietnam War Memorial Wall The space I chose is not one of the happiest spaces to visit but one that is significant to our country and very well designed. 

Building: Biltmore House The Biltmore House represents more of the esthetic I enjoy because in some ways it is historically contemporary and a "local" building.  It was the biggest house of its time and draws back from the French Influences.  Looking back towards the beginning of the semester and looking at this building now, I can clearly see some of the architectural detail expressed and taken from the Chateaus in France as well as the different layers and parts.  It is a famous  expression of North Carolina because it sits with the view of the Mountains which North Carolina is known for and tells of the beauty and simplistically ornate style of historic North Carolina. 

Eiffel Tower