Saturday, April 7, 2012

Design Autobiography 3 : Reverberation

Since we have been studying chairs all semester, I have been inspired by the numerous materials that have been used to create some of the best designed chairs I have seen.

Going green is very popular this day and age. Many companies are trying to create new ideas in which to "go green".  Almost every part of a shoe is recyclable and could be used to create something different.  There are three main parts of shoes: sole, laces and the fabric itself.  Together each piece could be reused to create a chair. The soles are rubber which can be melted down and molded for the frame of it: arms, legs and back frame.  The shoelaces could be braided together in a tight weave to create the seat cushion while the fabric surrounding the foot themselves could be be stretched to create the seat back cover of the chair.  After walking around for a day, all we want to do is find a chair to sit in. Why not that chair be from the materials that got you there?

I chose to do a rocking chair design because it simulates the motion of walking. When moving in motion, our feet rock from back of the heel to the balls of our feet on the front; a rocking chair does the same.  It starts on the back of the legs and then rocks forward, "propelling" motion forward without actually going anywhere. The shape is a recreation to the famous nike symbol on my shoe itself.  It offers the perfect shape for a rocking motion and provides a natural shaped bottom with a stopping point.

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